How to do the Bonfire Bash activity in Destiny 2 – Solstice of Heroes 2022

It’s a heated bash, and everyone is invited.

Image via Destiny 2 YouTube

The Bonfire Bash in Destiny 2 will be the primary activity you participate in during the Solstice of Heroes 2022 event. This is how you earn Silver Ash and complete many of the Solstice Event Challenges on your Event Card. You need to follow multiple steps in this activity to gain the best rewards at the end. This guide covers how to complete the Bonfire Bash activity in Destiny 2 during Solstice of Heroes 2022.

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How the Bonfire Bash activity works in Destiny 2

You must unlock the activity by speaking to Eva in the Tower Courtyard and then working through the Celebrating Solstice quest. Finally, in the third step, the Bonfire Bash activity becomes available.

Remove Taken Interference

When you arrive at the Bonfire Bash activity, multiple Taken will surround the Bonfire at the center of the map. You will need to eliminate them and destroy the Interference surrounding the center. You can enter the Taken area and shoot the orb in the middle.

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Eliminate Igniters

Once the Interference in the middle is gone, multiple Igniters will appear across the map. You will need to take them out and throw the orbs they drop on the Bonfire at the center. This is your score throughout the game, and you want to take out as many of them as possible, working with your Fireteam to spread out across the map to find each one when they spawn. There will be a timer underneath the activity description on the left of your screen.

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After a short time, the Igniters will leave, and three more Taken Interference locations will appear. You need to take these out for the Igniters to return and continue to build fuel for the Bonfire.

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Defeat the Heat-Drinker

When the activity timer ends, no more Igniters will appear, and a Taken Heat-Drinker will spawn close to where you began at the Bonfire Bash. You and your Fireteam will need to eliminate it, working together to defeat it and the other Taken that have spawned on the map.

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Once the Heat-Drinker has been defeated, return to the Bonfire to receive your rewards, completing the Bonfire Bash. You will receive Silver Ash with the Silver Leaves you brought into the activity.