How to do the Dog House Challenge in BitLife

The dogs are not out.

Image via Candywriters

It’s time for a new challenge in BitLife, and this one is a little ruff. You need to fill your home with dogs and make sure you name them correctly. While having them come home is not difficult, keeping them alive and cared for is the hard part. You need to fulfill three requirements to complete this challenge:

  • Start a brand new character that is the first generation
  • Own 26 dogs that are alive and from the shelter
  • Have each dog’s name start with a different letter from the alphabet

The first requirement is straightforward. You won’t be able to complete it with an old character, so save the game with your character or start a brand new person. For this challenge, you want to have plenty of money to tend for your canines, so make sure to have a decent job and a piece of property to obtain them from a shelter.

You now have to own 26 dogs from the shelter. You can adopt them shortly after you turn 18. You won’t be able to adopt all of the dogs you need to complete the challenge. You can only adopt the available ones, and then wait a year for more to go up for adoption. They will have varying degrees of stats, from different happiness levels, to how much care they require. To ensure you have enough to one with a first name starting with every letter in the alphabet, you have to make sure their needs are met. The more you look after them, the longer life span they can expect to live.

You can’t be too picky when choosing dogs from the shelter. By picking up roughly six or seven dogs each year and taking care of them, the challenge should prove no issue for you. You can increase your chances by having more money to help look after them and giving them regular veterinarian visits.