How to do the Gambler Challenge in BitLife

Roll the dice.

Image via Candywriter

A new challenge has arrived in BitLife called the Gambler Challenge. It’ll only be available for a limited time, and it’s all about being lucky enough to walk away with a lot of money, betting it at casinos, race horses, and overcoming the addiction of gambling.

Here are all of the requirements.

  • Acquire $10 million in lifetime casino earnings.
  • Win bets on at least 10 horses
  • Use “Surprise me!” 15 times
  • Overcome an addition to gamlbing
  • Leave Las Vegas

The first requirement is all about spending time at a casino. You want to have a decent job to pay for all of your gambling outings, so it would help to go to college, earn a degree as someone in the medical, science, or business field. The more time you spend at casinos, the more money you’ll earn.

You have to visit the race track to do the racehorse requirement, betting one of the five choices. Unfortunately, it’s not about choosing the correct one because it’s a random chance. You have to keep picking a random horse and hope they win. Eventually, you should acquire all 10 horse victories.

The third option is all about decisions in the game. The Surprise Me option shows up at the bottom whenever there are multiple choices, and when you click that, the game randomly chooses an outcome for you. It’s all random chance, and they have varying degrees of severity and benefits, so prepare for anything when clicking this.

Eventually, by spending enough time at casinos and other gambling locations, your character develops a gambling addiction. To cure it, you need to visit rehab, which you can do in the activities menu. You have to spend enough time here for your character to overcome the addiction, which can take a few years.

After all of that, you want to eventually leave Las Vegas. To easily meet this requirement, make sure your character starts out at this location. Once you complete all the other challenge requirements, have your character move out of the city and go anywhere in the world. You’ll earn the challenge once you put Las Vegas in your rearview mirror.