How to do the House Flipper Challenge in BitLife

A new challenge in BitLife is available for a limited time.

Image via Candywriters

A new challenge is available inĀ BitLifeĀ for a limited time called the House Flipper. You will need to meet a series of requirements to complete this challenge and attain them in a single life. These challenges have a specific theme associated with them.

To complete the house flipper challenge, you will need to meet these requirements:

  • Start a first-generation life
  • Never have a full-time job
  • Sell 10+ houses
  • Make 1.5 million from real estate profits
  • Be 60 or younger

You will need to complete all of these requirements before you reach 60. Unfortunately, a lot of it will require you to do it after you reach 18 because you won’t be able to purchase real estate. However, you can prepare for it. An excellent strategy to do while you’re younger is to do part-time and freelance gigs consistently. You can have your character tutoring other school mates in high school, and have a part-time job when you can have one, usually around the same time. It’s a great way to earn some new finances.

You can only do this with a character who starts with nothing, so you need to create a new person. You cannot do it from a character who is related to your first one, so a child that inherits all of their parent’s income. Make sure to start on a brand new character.

You want to stick to freelance and part-time jobs to earn money. Try to do it earlier, and because you will never have a full-time job, you can avoid college. You want to try and purchase a house as quickly as you can to start acquiring new assets and to start sitting on it. The freelance work only takes a lot of time because of how many times you have to click them, but it’s a great way to build up money.

To sell houses, you first need to purchase them. You can pick from a variety of houses available in any of the assets section. You will need to have a good credit history and a sizeable amount of an income to receive any amount of loans. You likely don’t want to hold too many houses at a single time. It’s likely better to stick to having two or three houses, and then selling one before buying another. You will need to sell at least 10 of them.

The profits you make from all of your homes need to equal more than $1.5 million. You can do this fairly quickly by purchasing houses that range from 200 to 300 thousand. By selling at least 10 that equals 200 thousand, you can easily profit off them, especially if you take care of them. You want to avoid buying the cheapest house because they usually have low quality. It would help if you tried buying ones that have a high condition stat.

Once you complete all of the above tasks before you reach 60 years old, you will have completed the challenge.