How to do the I Hate Work Challenge in BitLife

Do you really hate work that much?


Image via Candywriter LLC

A new challenge is available in BitLife, and it’s called I Hate Work. For those who are not a fan of having a traditional day at the office, you have the opportunity to shake things up and become the chaotic person at work no one talks to during their lunch break. There are three requirements you need to do complete this challenge.

  • Get reported to HR 10+ Times
  • Get fired from 10+ full time jobs
  • Kill 3+ supervisors

The first two are pretty easy to complete, and they usually go alongside one another. The best way to have an employee report you to HR is to seduce and sleep with them. You can do this nearly every time you’ve started working at a new position. Choose a co-worker to talk within your menu’s occupation portion, and choose to try hooking up with them or insulting them. A good majority of the time, if they don’t have a high opinion of you, they will reject your offer to sleep with them and then report you to HR. The same goes for insulting them. The employee won’t always report you to HR, so you have to do it with multiple co-workers until it happens. You can try to spin it to HR to convince them to let you stay and do it again. If they fire you, you’ve ticked off a mark for both tasks, and then you need to find a new full time job.

The last objective is the hardest. You need to try and kill three of your supervisors. You can probably do that after being fired from multiple positions to focus on it later. To kill your supervisor, go to the activities menu, and go down to the crime option. Click on the murder option in the crime menu, and look for your supervisor as an option. It should have the (supervisor) title next to their name. You have multiple choices of how to take them out, and unfortunately, it’s a random roll of the dice. It’s difficult to murder someone because of how easy it can be for your character to be caught. Once you’ve done it to three different supervisors, you’re good to go.

It’s a fairly straightforward challenge, but to get a full time job you want to make sure to get a degree. It helps land some of the tougher gigs in the game, and ensures you always have a reliable full time job waiting for you in the jobs menu.