How to do the Marathon Challenge in BitLife

What’s this weekend’s challenge?

Image via Candywriter

A new weekend means there’s a new challenge in BitLife. These challenges last for a few days, and then they’re gone forever. Completing these challenges earns you appearance items for your character to wear, which is always fun to customize them while playing the game.

This week’s challenge is extremely straightforward. There’s only one requirement that you need to meet to chalk it up as finished.

  • Play BitLife for three hours in a row uninterrupted.

To do this, all you have to do is have the BitLife active on your phone for three hours, and you should see this challenge completed. It’s not a complicated one, and it’s mostly a devotion of your time and resources. You likely have to make sure that the application remains on your phone without it tabbing out. You probably want to remove any sleep mode and make sure your phone remains active while BitLife is up. To help pass the time, you could always play the game to make sure your phone remains active.

After you complete it following the three hour timeframe, you’re good to go.