How to do the Superpower Eliminations Quick Challenge in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4

Go full super.

Fortnite Doctor Doom

From time to time, Fortnite will throw an interesting quick challenge that some players might find a bit confusing. The Superpower Eliminations quick challenge is one of them. We’ll show you here how to do it, although it should be noted that there is a lot of effort involved for just 10,000 XP.

At the moment, the only superpowers in the game are from Doctor Doom’s Mythic drops, although this might change as the season goes on. You can find Doctor Doom in Doom’s Domain, the new POI that has replaced Pleasant Park.

Doom's Domain Location

To get Doctor Doom’s abilities, you first need to get into House Doom. You can find House Doom at the north side of Doom’s Domain.

Inside, you will find some of Doom’s Henchmen, and Doctor Doom himself will be wandering the halls of the house. You need to kill him, and he will drop two ancient tomes that allow him to cast powerful spells. Just pick them up when he drops them, and remember that you will need two inventory slots to carry them. Now you need to find some players that you can use his abilities on.

Doom’s Mystical Bomb will allow you to do a charged attack, launching a massive green orb of energy at your enemies. The Arcane Gauntlets act more like a gun, sending quick blasts of energy at opponents and giving you a brief float to your jumps.

If you arrive at House Doom and the Doctor is already dead, you will need to get lucky and hope you run into the player who got the Mythics so you can loot them off their corpse. Just be careful fighting them, as they now have superpowers.