How to do the Vampire Challenge in BitLife

You can’t grow bat wings.

There’s a new challenge available in BitLife revolving around being a Vampire. You only have a few days to complete this challenge, so time is of the essence. To achieve this challenge, you need to meet some requirements in the game, and going about them takes some time. One of them is ensuring your character lives for an extraordinarily long time.

These are all of the steps you need to complete to fulfill the Vampire Challenge:

  • Live in or emigrate to Romania
  • Live to the age of 100
  • Own a 100+-year-old haunted house
  • Bite 3 people
  • Impale 3 people

The first of these requirements should be relatively straightforward. You can have your character start in Romania, or have them move them. The easiest way to do this is to consistently rotate through your choices until their country of origin is Romania. Alternatively, you can craft a custom character and choose Romania as their place of birth.

After that, your character needs to live to the age of 100. To do this, you need to take some steps, such as ensuring their health remains at the highest you possibly can and avoid getting into too much trouble as your character grows older. The best way to do this is to consistently have them working out every year, altering their diet, and avoiding any potential crimes you can do in the game.

Purchasing a haunted house is another difficult task. To buy a haunted house in BitLife, you need to examine any of the available homes on the real estate market to see if any of them could be haunted. You should be able to see if they’re haunted based on their description. You’ll need to refresh the real estate page each year if you don’t get one. When you do find one, you can also read about it to learn how old it is, giving you a decent idea of how long it will take for you to sit on the house until it becomes over 100 years old. Make sure to double-check the haunted meter to see how many spirits inhabit it.

The final two could be considerably difficult. If you want to bite people in BitLife, you can choose to do it to anyone at your school or by doing it with your siblings. It’s better to do this type of fighting when you’re younger. Impaling, though, is a much harsher way to handle people. You can find this option in the crime section of BitLife, and you gain this option at an older stage in your life. It’s a crime, so it comes with various consequences. An excellent way to not go to jail after doing this if you get caught is to ensure you have plenty of money stockpiled to use the best and most expensive lawyers help you out of the situation.

After you complete all of these tasks, you will have done the Vampire Challenge, and you can see how much longer you continue living your Vampire lifestyle.