How to download Halo Infinite Multiplayer on Xbox

Play the online portion of Halo Infinite without paying a cent.

photo of master chief in halo infinite

Image via 343 Industries

Despite being scheduled for a December 8 release date, Halo Infinite’s Multiplayer has surprisingly been made available to the public starting now. As the multiplayer bears the same name as the paid full version in the Microsoft Store, some may find it difficult to download the free-to-play online experience by itself. Thankfully, there is one quick way to get around this issue.

Although you may try to install the multiplayer mode from the various ads on the store, clicking on these may only lead you to the full paid game. To exclusively download Halo Infinite Multiplayer, you’ll need to type the title into the search bar. From there, click on the version with the multiplayer shown in the cover art. The store should then prompt you to choose between the free-to-play game and the full version.

At the time of writing, the store will still indicate that the multiplayer is only available for pre-installation, but that is not the case. After the download is complete, open the application and you should be able to play the game without any limitations. Some players at launch have reported that opening the title results in the game freezing at a blue screen. If this does happen, you may need to re-install the multiplayer, install an update, or reboot your console.