How to win a championship ring in BitLife

A champion’s ring.

Image via Candywriter

Becoming a professional athlete in BitLife means you have to practice your form every day, improve your stats to become a better player and keep your health levels up. It requires a lot of dedication for those who want to excel at the teams that have offered them a contract. When the opportunity arises, you and your team will enter a championship in their respective sport to prove who’s the best among them. It’s the dream of every professional athlete to earn a championship ring.

For those who might have guessed, the only way for you to earn a championship ring in BitLife is to compete in a championship. Now, only the winners of these competitions will walk away with a ring. You and your team need to come out as the number one competitors of a championship, so you need to have your character work out, practice their lowest skills, and keep their stats up as high as possible to have the best chance to attain first place.

Unfortunately, your character might be the best basketball player. But that doesn’t mean their team is amazing, and if your team continues to struggle to win championships, you may need to draft yourself to receive a contract with a different organization. You want to make sure your character has high athleticism, health, and great stats before leaving the team because it can make it difficult to find another professional team to accept them.

When a championship occurs, it’s all about luck. Sometimes you’re the best team and the best player, but the game might roll the dice, and you come up short. When you win the game, you should find the championship ring in your character’s inventory as an asset. It’s a high-quality item that you can appraise, discard, donate to someone, clean, gift, or even sell it for a good chunk of money. It’s up to you how you want to use the ring, but it’s a worthy item to collect.