How to win a championship in a sport in BitLife

Hit the big leagues and claim victory.

Image via Candywriter

As a professional athlete in BitLife, not only do you have to keep at the top of your form, but you need to win championships. These tournaments place the best teams against each other, so as a baseball, basketball, soccer, or hockey player, you can expect to see your team enter a championship to prove their the best in the league. This guide details how you can win a championship as a professional athlete in BitLife.

The championships in your respective sport happen every so often. The way you can improve your chances of scoring a victory with your team is to increase your character’s various skills. You can do this by finding spending time working on their lowest stats and improving those. The more rounded your character is, the more they can do throughout the season, increasing their overall worth to the team.

However, your team needs to be good too. If you accepted a professional contract with one of the worse teams in the game, you could always try to pitch yourself to another team. If your character has fairly high stats and skills when they leave their first team, chances are another team will pick them up within that year.

Much like many gameplay aspects of BitLife, winning a championship is purely random. The overall stats of your character and their team’s quality does factor into the result, though. You can see the results of a championship when you age up, and if you don’t win, you can always immediately close the BitLife application, start it back up, and age up again to see if you won that time. You can keep doing that until you win if you really need to score a victory. But it’s not the end of the world if you don’t. Keep trying to improve your character’s stats to help their team.