How to earn the Party Boat ship cosmetics in Sea of Thieves

Party it up on the Sea of Thieves.

Screenshot via Sea of Thieves YouTube

As part of Sea of Thieves’ Season Five celebrations, players can now unlock the Bilge Rat’s Party Boat ship cosmetics by purchasing them from the Shipwright Shop at any Outpost. Before they’re available for purchase, however, players must complete the Buried Treasures Bilge Rats Commendation (under the Reputation tab in the Pirate Log) that corresponds to each ship piece.

Altogether, the ship cosmetics cost 419,800 Gold. Here are the Commendations that correspond to each Party Boat cosmetic, including links to our guides on how to unlock them. Note that the Hull and Sails are unlocked by completing the same Commendation.

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Party Boat Cosmetic Commendations

Screenshot by Gamepur
CosmeticCost (in Gold)Corresponding CommendationCommendation Description
Party Boat Cannon69,550Small but MightyShoot another ship using a Cannon Rowboat 25 times
Party Boat Capstan69,550Master CartographerDonate Treasure Stash maps to a Quest Board (five Grades)
Party Boat Figurehead69,550Gunpowder, Treason and PlotStart a fire on another crew’s ship by setting off a Firework
Party Boat Flag2,500Skies of FriendshipSet off Fireworks while in an Alliance
Party Boat Hull69,550Night-Time SpectacularSet off a display of five or more Fireworks at night
Party Boat Sails69,550Night-Time SpectacularSet off a display of five or more Fireworks at night
Party Boat Wheel69,550Seeker of Pirate PlunderUncover valuable treasures buried by other pirate crews (five Grades)

Once you’ve completed all of the Commendations and have enough Gold, purchase the cosmetics from the Shipwright and equip them onto your ship via the Ship Customization Chest located near the Shipwright Shop.