How to easily make money in the early game in Medieval Dynasty

Easy money.

Medieval Dynasty

Medieval Dynasty is all about survival, growing in knowledge and power, and eventually setting up your own town and having a family to leave it all too after you die. To do all this, you will need money. In the early game, it can be difficult to figure out how to actually make money, but there is an easy, low effort way to get some coins flowing your way.

The important thing to remember is that while money for you is limited, your neighbors are rolling in dough, so the best way to make money early is to sell them items. In the nearby town, you will find plenty of traders who are happy to buy items from you, and there are two items in particular that are good to sell. The humble stone axe and stone skinning knife are easy to make and will sell for 28 coins and 21 coins respectively.

You can make the stone axe with 10 sticks and 2 rocks, while the stone skinning knife will take 6 sticks and 2 rocks to make. Sticks and rocks can be found quite easily on the ground, and you will be coming across plenty of them while taking care of other tasks. Making the stone axe and stone skinning knife can be done in the Crafting menu by holding Q, then just head to the local tavern and sell them to the trader there for some gold.

It is also important to limit your spending in the early game. You can get water from the river, and food can be gathered up from the ground in the form of mushrooms, or by hunting deer. You should save your money for items that are very hard to get, and only break out your coins when you are struggling to progress in the game. If you just sell a stone axe and stone skinning knife each day, you will quickly build up a tidy sum of coins to help you out later in the game.