How to eliminate more enemies in Rainbow Six Siege Snow Brawl

Make them all snowmen.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Rainbow Six Siege Snow Brawl is an event that’s very far from the core Siege formula. Two teams battle it out in a game of the capture the flag using snowballs, snow blasters, and smoke grenades. The first team to get to five captures wins, and every match is a frantic race to that goal. However, you don’t have to stick to the main goal and can instead focus on racking up eliminations. This guide covers how to up that “kill” count and have a slightly more satisfactory experience in Snow Brawl.

Forget about the flag

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If you want to get more eliminations, you need to forget about the overall goal for this game mode. Instead, let your teammates focus on getting the flag while you keep your eyes out for any enemies that come your way. When you see them, pepper them with snowballs. You can improve your rate of fire by picking up the special powerups around the map, allowing you to shoot snowballs faster than any elf.

Control the high ground

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Each team’s base is a large structure made of snow. You can climb up to the top of this structure to get a good look at the rest of the map and better protect your own flag. If you station yourself at the top of this area, you’ll be able to take out any approaching enemies and make life extremely difficult for them. In our experience, we died more when we approached the enemy’s base because of players taking advantage of the extra height, but it works just as well both ways.