How to emote in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Don’t limit your personal flare to just your outfit.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

From dropping on a surfboard in Apex Legends to showing off your Renegade in Fortnite, there is no question that emotes are a standard staple of the Battle Royale genre. And that is no different in the newest game to crash into the genre, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout.

Emotes in Fall Guys are actually a subsect of a greater category called Theatrics. Theatrics is the umbrella term for emotes, which are pretty standard to the genre, and celebrations which are equivalent to the victory poses and dances you may see if in other titles.

In order to perform an emote theatric, all you need to do is press a number key if you are playing on PC, or the d-pad if you are on Playstation 4. While on PC, you can select one of your equipped emotes by assigning one to each of the lower number keys (1, 2, 3, and 4). While on PS4, you can select them via the d-pad direction (up, down, left, and right).


This way, you always have four emotes on hand on PC and on console, so you can always have the perfect reaction for the moment. If emotes are a standout to you, maybe you even want an exclusive premium emote like the Robot.

Fall Guys is out now on PC and Playstation 4.