How to enter the main chamber at Shuffled Shrines and combine the Relic Shards in Fortnite

A crossover between two questlines.

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Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3’s Vibin’ questline may be relatively easy to complete, but things will soon change once players take on the last of its Part 5 challenges. This is because the grand finale requires players to take each Relic Shard they have obtained to Shuffled Shrines’ main chamber. The objective certainly sounds like a breeze, but getting access to it is the tricky part. Here’s how you can enter the main chamber and finish Part 5 of Vibin’ in Fortnite.

Where to find the main chamber in Fortnite’s Vibin’ questline

The main chamber can be located inside of a shine at the center of Shuffled Shrines. It is in this shine players will come across a monstrous door and four stones that display different symbols. This is actually the POI’s secret Indiana Jones puzzle in which players will need to scour the location to find the correct symbols and rotate the stones to display each one so that the door opens. Each symbol’s location can be found below and should be displayed in this order from left to right on the stones.

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  • Symbol #1: The symbol for the stone on far left is at the bottom of a staircase in the bottom-right corner of Shuffled Shrines.
  • Symbol #2: You can then find the second symbol on a rock that leans against a broken wall in Shuffled Shrines’ top-left corner.
  • Symbol #3: The third symbol is just above the center of Shuffled Shrines and is underneath an orange tent.
  • Symbol #4: You’ll then want to make your way east to the POI’s dirt pit. The last symbol is located on a stone that is fenced in at the center of the pit.

How to combine the Relic Shards in Fortnite

After each stone is rotated to display the correct symbols in the order above, the door will reveal a narrow hallway that leads to the main chamber. It is important that you stay at the center of the hallway while going through it as there are damaging spikes set on its wall. You can then take the first door on the left to a pedestal you can interact with. This will allow you to combine the shards and complete the last part of the quest. As entering the main chamber is also a part of the Indiana Jones questline, you can expect to earn Indy’s Dust Off Emote and 43,000 XP for completing Part 5.