How to equip cosmetics types in Among Us

Everyone needs a personalized, possibly homicidal little astronaut.

Among Us characters colors

Image via Innersloth

Part of the appeal of Among Us is the fact that everyone is running around in very similar chibi astronauts. You don’t know which one of these cute, friendly, familiar small buddies is actually a killer in disguise. However, the Among Us creators also knows the value of a good cosmetic, so there are a few ways to personalize your avatar, from colors to pets. So, let’s give you every tip to make your perfectly monstrous little guy.

Screenshot by Gamepur

How to find cosmetics

If you want to play around with your cosmetics and prep your favorite look before you even get into a game, there’s a tab on the bottom bar of the main menu made for you. It’s the furthest circle on the left with a little astronaut icon in it. Click on it and you’ll go to your cosmetics, where you can scroll through various different hats and outfits to personalize your little guy.

Now, you can also always do this while in a lobby, but it is an easy way to always have your favorite look ready. Also, it’s the only way to dress exactly how you want for Free Play mode.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Types of cosmetics

While the body of each of these little astronauts always stays the same, it’s the accessories on top of that suit that can change. The most basic change is that you can choose from 18 different shades across the color spectrum. Otherwise, you can equip your astronaut with different hats, visors, outfits, and pets. They are often whimsical or inspired by other classic fictional killers, such as the hockey mask visor that looks like it comes straight out of Friday The 13th. The game offers many of these cosmetics for free, but there are also quite a few new, fun options that are hidden behind a paywall — particularly pets.

Purchasing cosmetics

If you plan to buy some cosmetics, you’ll have to go to the purchasing tab. It is right to the left of the cosmetics tab, with the dollar sign. Once there, go to the star tab in the top right corner. Here you can purchase stars that can be used to purchase various cosmetics, from adorably gloopy pets to different colors of the beloved “dum” sticker. Now, you should be able to acquire and equip the imposter-y aesthetic of your dreams.