How to execute someone in BitLife

We made the tough decisions.

Image via Candywriter

As a royalty member in BitLife, you may have the option to do away with someone undermining you in your kingdom. Of course, you don’t have to go out of your way to capture them, but it’s an excellent way to make an example to your followers when you want to be more of a tyrant than a leader. Not every member of royalty can outright execute people, though.

The option to execute someone only shows up for the highest leaders of a country. For example, for Japan, our character had to become the empress or emperor of the country. After that, you have the option to execute any member of your country. It can be a random citizen, or it could be a specific character they’ve met before. For example, we chose to execute the character’s ex-boyfriend and stalker. When we decided to execute them, we had a list of options for how we’d like to deal with them. We could do it with rat torture, firing squad, or turn them into puppy chow. The choice was ours.

There are other opportunities for your ruler to execute people. For example, random events can occur when an unknown citizen makes a mistake, such as calling your ruler the incorrect title when addressing them. Your character can choose to ignore it or have them executed.

Executing people does bring your respect down. The less respect you have, it may mean you have to deal with an uprising with your followers or try and appease them somehow. It can be a slippery slope, and you have to be careful.