All Arrow Types In Palworld & How To Craft Them

In Palworld, you can craft different types of bows and arrows to use in combat with and against your Pals as you explore.

Bow and Arrow Arrow Types Palworld

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You fight alongside your Pals in Palworld, meaning you’ll need some quality weapons to stay in the fight. One of the best weapons for keeping your distance is a bow, and you’ve got options when it comes to bows and arrows.

While your first bow will likely be a standard one, pretty soon, you’ll encounter Pal materials that can help you craft a wide variety of arrow types. From standard arrows to fire ones and beyond, we’ve put together lists of all of the arrows you can craft in Palword, and the materials you’ll need to make them. This information is essential to all players, because it’s important to know what’s require while out gathering resources and catching Pals in the wild.

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How Bows and Arrows Work in Palworld

How Bows and Arrows Work in Palworld
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Bows and arrows in Palworld all have set types, and players can only use a certain bow with its associated arrow. For example, standard arrows only work with the Old Bow and other standard variants, but fire arrows require the Fire Bow.

That means you’ll need to craft not just Fire Arrows, but a Fire Bow to go along with it if you want to shoot fire at your enemies. This makes everything a little more complicated when it comes to crafting everything needed to go out and fight a boss Pal. But players can get their heads around it pretty easily if they pay attention to each item and what’s needed to craft it.

How to Craft Standard, Fire & Poison Arrows in Palworld

Here’s a breakdown of the different types of arrows you’ll be able to craft in Palworld and what materials you’ll need to make them. Once players have a decent supply of these resources set up, it’s worth putting together some arrow farming measures so they don’t ever run out of ammo for their bows.

Arrow TypeMaterials NeededUse With
Arrow Types Palworld Basic ArrowArrow1 Wood, 1 StoneOld Bow, Three Shot Bow, Crossbow
Palworld Arrows Types Fire ArrowFire Arrow (x5)5 Wood, 5 Stone, 1 Flame OrganFire Bow, Fire Crossbow
Palworld Arrow Types Poison ArrowPoison Arrow (x5)5 Wood, 5 Stone, 1 Venom GlandPoison Bow, Poison Crossbow

Players can get Flame Organs from fire type Pals and Venom Glands from poison type Pals. These types are usually easy to see because the game displays a main type next to every Pals’ name. Two easy Pals to farm for these organs are Depresso and Foxsparks.

Why Should You use Fire and Poison Arrows in Palworld?

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Players should use Fire and Poison Arrows in Palworld because they damage some Pals more if they’re weak to those elements, and apply a capture bonus to all afflicted Pals. We always use this type of arrow when we’re trying to capture a Pal, especially rare boss Pals that seem to evade every Pal Sphere we throw their way.

The bonus damage from these arrows is also often more powerful thatn the weaker firearms players pick up in the game. It’s never worth using a handgun over a Poison Arrow when it’ll be easier to defeat and capture an enemy with something so simple that doesn’t take hours to craft.

Palworld Bow Types and How to Craft

Using your different types of arrows in Palworld requires having the right kind of bow (or, as you progress in the game, crossbow) to match. Here are the different bows you can craft and the required materials for each. All of these must first be unlocked from the Technology Tree before they can be crafted.

BowMaterials Needed
Old Bow PalworldOld Bow30 Wood, 5 Stone, 15 Fiber
Fire Bow PalworldFire Bow40 Wood, 8 Stone, 20 Fiber, 2 Flame Organs
Poison Bow PalworldPoison Bow40 Wood, 8 Stone, 20 Fiber, 2 Venom Glands
Three Shot Bow PalworldThree Shot Bow50 Wood, 12 Stone, 30 Fiber
Crossbow PalworldCrossbow50 Wood, 40 Stone, 10 Ingot, 5 Nail
Crossbow PalworldFire Arrow Crossbow50 Wood, 50 Stone, 15 Ingot, 5 Nail, 5 Flame Organs
Crossbow PalworldPoison Arrow Crossbow50 Wood, 50 Stone, 15 Ingot, 5 Nail, 5 Venom Glands

Even once players have unlocked firearms, the resources required to craft ammunition for them are incredibly difficult to come by. We recommend sticking with bows and crossbows for as long as possible to avoid getting caught without enough ammo and being defeated out in the wild.

Any players who want to learn more about Palworld should read through our complete guide for the game. In it, we’ve compiled lists of every guide we’ve produced on the game to help everyone have a more efficient and enjoyable experience.