How To Farm Biteberry In Diablo 4

Here is some tips on where to find and farm these tasty little Biteberry components in Diablo 4.


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Diablo 4 features a lot of crafting options for players to use, including Alchemy, which lets you make Elixirs and Potions, and they all require materials you can find in the world of Sanctuary. There are a lot of materials to find and use, but one is a vital component of many recipes in the early game, like upgrading your Health Potion, and that’s Biteberry.

Naturally, you might be wondering where to find this elusive material and the best methods to farm for it so you can be stocked up and ready to use it when needed. This guide has the details on where to find and farm Biteberry in Diablo 4.

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How to Get Biteberry in Diablo 4

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There are a few ways to get Biteberry, all of which should be straightforward and easy for players. They are listed below with details on how best to approach the tasks needed to find these items or any other tips that might speed up the process.

Find Them in Fractured Peaks

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The first option is to go searching for them since these items can be found around the Fractured Peaks. They spawn all around the region, and can be denoted by small glowing bushes found near trees and other bushes. You will also see its Biteberry by the name that appears over the bush when you mouse over it.

In my experience, I found a good amount in the upper areas of Fractured Peaks near the ruins and Stronghold, but you will likely be fine if you check out the bushes and trees anywhere in this region.

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Whispers and Herb Caches

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Caches can be a great way to get some materials and items, including Biteberry, and usually, they will give it to you in abundance if you are lucky enough for it to drop.

Herb Caches are usually rewards for completing side quests or some smaller content and will drop a random assortment of herbs, whereas Whisper Caches, which you get from completing Grim Favors for the Tree of Whispers, will drop materials alongside the gear you have chosen. This is random in both cases, so it might be a bit unreliable to use this method.

Complete World Events in the Fractured Peaks

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Another method that has proven fruitful for me is to complete World Events in the Fractured Peaks. These are small quest-like activities that randomly happen around the world of Diablo 4, and completing them will net you a reward chest that will drop items and materials, including Biteberry.

Visit the Alchemist and Convert Your Materials

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Lastly, if you find yourself with a surplus of Gallowvine, you can use that to exchange the two items and get yourself some Biteberry. To do so, visit the Alchemist and click the Refine Resources tab, where you will find Biteberry, which you can create by spending 200 gold and exchanging 5 Gallowvines each.

This might be a bit pricey in the game’s early stages, but it’s worthwhile if you need some in a pinch and don’t want to go through any content to get some Biteberry.