How to farm chaos devices in Genshin Impact

A useful ingredient.

There are plenty of useful ingredients you need to find in Genshin Impact. To acquire many of them, you need to scour the land to find where they might be hiding, or look for a particular enemy to drop these items to add to your inventory. For those looking for chaos devices, there are some specific locations you can visit to find the enemy that drops these.

To find chaos devices, you want to fight Ruin Guards and Ruin Hunters. There’s a Ruin Guard at the center of the Thousand Winds Temple. You can encounter it whenever you feel capable of fighting it and do battle against it. The stronger version of these enemies is the Ruin Hunter, and they also look different. Rather than standing tall, the Ruin Hunters are leaner, more mobile versions of the enemy.

These two enemies appear to be the only ones carrying chaos devices. You farm them off o the Ruin Guard at the Thousand Winds Temple, but you mostly want to explore the wilds in the Brightcrown Mountains, Bishui Plains, and other higher-level locations to farm the Ruin Hunter.