How to farm Umbral Traces for Consume quest in Destiny 2 – June 30

Farm Umbral Traces doing specific activities.

The Season of Arrivals in Destiny 2 is all about understanding how the darkness can be used as a weapon in anticipation of the release of the game’s next expansion, Beyond Light, which kicks off on Sept. 22. A weekly quest you will need to complete is called Means to an End, and in it, you need to farm a resource known as Umbral Traces. You won’t be able to see it in your inventory, but you can regularly pick it up in multiple places.

There are three places you farm Umbral Traces in the game this week for June 30:

  • Nightfall: The Ordeal
  • Nightmare Hunts
  • Crucible Control

For those who prefer to embark on PvE adventures, the Nightfall: The Ordeal or the Nightmare Hunts are a good option. Of the two, the Nightfall: The Ordeal is likely your best choice for this week. You can find plenty of exceptionally weak foes to fight when completing the task, making it quick work to stack up Umbral Traces.

If you prefer fighting against other Guardians, you can partake in the Crucible Control game mode. There’s only one PvP mode available for Umbral traces this week, so you can do it through this mode. It’s a similar mode to the Iron Banner, which is happening at the same time, so you’re better off attempting to get your Umbral Traces out of the way first before hopping over to do tasks for Lord Saladin.

Before you embark on any of these activities, make sure to grab any weekly and daily bounties you want to turn in alongside these tasks. You should be able to rack up plenty of kills while doing them to level up your battle pass for Season of Arrivals.

Because Means to an End is a weekly quest, you will likely need to do different activities to farm Umbral Traces for the quest. These will rotate out when Destiny 2 resets every Tuesday.