How To Fast Travel In Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora

Fast Travel in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora is great if you’re looking to get to places quickly. But there is a cost for using it.

Ikran and Player Character Avatar Frontiers of Pandora

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Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora has a massive world that you can explore either on foot or by using a mount. But occasionally, this might not be quick enough for some players, and fast travel could be the better option.

Fast travel is a convenient way to get you from one place to another in a relatively quick amount of time. Thankfully, Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora does give you the option to Fast Travel, although it comes with some prerequisites, and you’ll need to weigh up your choices.

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How To Unlock Fast Travel In Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora

Ikran Avatar Frontiers of Pandora
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To fast travel to a specific location in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, you’ll need to have visited or completed the task at the location first to unlock the fast travel for that named place. This is mainly areas such as RDA facilities, Field Bases, Na’vi Camps, etc. You won’t be able to travel to all markers on the map. For example, Bellsprigs, Computer Terminals, or Tarsyu Saplings don’t have the option.

Resistance Headquarters Fast Travel Avatar Frontiers of Pandora
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To initiate fast travel, open the map and highlight the place you would like to travel to. There will be a prompt on the screen that shows which button you need to hold to trigger the fast travel. For PC, this will be ‘F’ on the keyboard. On PlayStation, it is the ‘Square‘ button, and for Xbox, you’ll need to hold the ‘X‘ button.

Doing this will lead you into the area you selected for fast travel, saving you a lot of time traveling either on foot or with one of the mounts available. Note that fast travel isn’t entirely free, and it will save 20% of your energy if you use this function. After you’ve initiated fast travel and loaded into the new area, you might need to eat some food to build your energy back up if it is low.

There is a way to avoid this cost. However, you’ll need to progress much further into Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora. After you’ve reached the third region (Clouded Forest), a new Ancestor skill will be available to unlock in this area. The Free Fast Travel Ancestor Skill can be found at the Cascading Stones in the Boulderlands biome. Once you connect to the plant and take the skill, you’ll have access to free, fast travel that will no longer cost energy. Having the Free Fast Travel Ancestor Skill will make it a lot easier if you’re looking to search around specific areas for materials used in crafting, ingredients for cooking, or spare parts for trading.

Personally, I’ve enjoyed exploring Pandora on foot as sometimes I’ve come across interesting quests, such as Finding Home Part 2. This has taken me on some engaging missions that have been quite different from the main campaign. So I recommend that you at least do some exploration every once in a while.