How To Feed Capybaras In Disney Dreamlight Valley [Capybara Favorite Food]

It’s the one and only Capybara, now in everyone’s favorite Disney farming sim, Disney Dreamlight Valley.

feed capybaras in DDV

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Thanks to DDV’s Cozy Edition, all players got a Capybara delivered to their mailbox. While I won’t question the logistics of this shipment, I’ll help you get a wild Capybara in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

DDV has got a critter for everybody. Squirrels, raccoons, cobras… you name it. No, there aren’t cats, dogs, or fish. But hey, what about a crocodile? One of Disney Dreamlight Valley’s latest additions to the game is the Capybara. This animal has been memed to death on the internet but actually looks adorable in this Disney farming simulator. In this guide, I’ll show you how to find and feed a Capybara in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Where To Find a Capybara in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

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You can find Capybaras all over the Wild Grove in Disney Dreamlight Valley’s A Rift in Time expansion. This includes The Grasslands, The Grove, and The Promenade. While the latter must be unlocked with Mist, the first one will be available after progressing a bit with the expansion’s main questline.

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To catch a Capybara, travel to Eternity Isle and look for the northern green areas on the map. You won’t find any Capybaras in the Docks, The Overlook, The Ruins or the Courtyard. Capys do seem to be an A Rift in Time expansion exclusive, though, so you might not find any in the regular Valley.

Capybaras are super easy to approach. Unlike monkeys and cobras, they won’t make you engage in any kind of them. Instead, Capybaras are so friendly they’ll just stand still and lock eyes with you. Just approach them directly and be ready to pack their favorite food.

What Are Capybara’s Favorite Food in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Capybara favorite food ddv
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Once you’ve approached a Capybara in Disney Dreamlight Valley, feed it a Bamboo, which is Capybara’s favorite food in DDV. You can pick up Bamboo in The Wild Grove; they often respawn in the Grassland area.

If you don’t have any in your pocket and don’t want to leave a Capy hanging, you can try your hands at other meals. Capybaras aren’t picky eaters, unlike monkeys, who demand a 3-star meal or higher. Try one of the following food items: Yam, Melons, Almonds, or Cinnamon. I’ve tried them all, and while it’s not their favorite food, Capybaras will be pretty pleased with these meals.