How to find a unicorn in BitLife

It’s mythical.

Image via Candywriter

You can choose to become nearly anything you want to be in BitLife. It allows you to explore the lifestyle of someone with a different career path, or even gives you the chance to be royalty, ruling over a country and making decisions for millions of people. You also have the chance to encounter ghosts, beings that were once on earth that have now passed on, or even you can meet unicorns, fantastical creatures that are only real in myth. But in BitLife, they are real, and extremely difficult to find.

The problem with encountering the creature is it is extremely little you can do on your part to make it easier to find one. It’ll be a random encounter, and much like the rest of the game, you’ll have to hope luck is on your side to keep things steady. All you have to do is hit the age up button at the center of the screen and hope for the encounter to appear as a random event. When it does, your character will meet a unicorn, and they have the chance to take it to the animal shelter, keep it for a pet, run away, or retreat slowly away from it as to not scare it away.

Of the choices, you definitely want to choose to have it as a pet, so try to see if your character can tame it. If they can, they’ll be able to take care of it and treat it like a family friend. You’ll want to take care of it, spend time with it, give it treats, and make sure it has a useful life to live longer. Potentially, your kids might be able to inherit if you place it on your will.