How to find and kill Snallygasters in Fallout 76

Hunting for little irradiated mutants? Here’s how to snag some.

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When you’re wandering around Appalachia, you might be on the lookout for a particular creature to hunt, the Snallygasters. These small, mutated creatures are found in very peculiar spots around the map and can be very difficult to track down easily. Fear not, Wastelanders. Here’s how to find and kill Snallygasters and their variations in Fallout 76.

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Where to find Snallygasters in Fallout 76

Snallygasters are small quadrupedal creatures that can attack from melee and spit out a toxic slime that damages you over time from range. They are also immune to radiation damage but take 150% damage when struck in the head. If you use any sort of rifle or melee weapon that scores high precision damage, these creatures are relatively simple to deal with.

You can find Snallygasters usually in areas with high levels of radiation and toxicity, typically in packs of around three to four at a time. Check the following locations for the best spawns of these little mutants:

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  • Three always hang out around Toxic Larry’s Meat n’ Go. You can find this place in the Savage Divide between there and the Mire perched on a cliff. Snallygasters will usually roam around the building a few dozen meters away.
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  • Two can be found in Charleston between the Hornwright Industrial Headquarters and the Capitol Building. Usually, you’ll find them around the areas with the highest radiation.
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  • Up to six Snallygasters at a time can be found at the flooded trainyard in the Cranberry Bog region of Appalachia. Their spawn locations are not exact, but they do appear quite often here.
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  • Four or so Snallygasters can be found at the Kiddie Corner Cabins in the Toxic Valley. They roam far and wide around the cabins, so look carefully where they can be hiding.
  • The only other very reliable location Snallygasters can be found is in the Treetops area in The Mire.