How to Find Callum’s Grave for the Malfeasance Quest

 How to Find Callum’s Grave for the Malfeasance Quest

Few aspects of Destiny 2: Forsaken have lit the community on fire quite like the Malfeasance. The Malfeasance is a time-gated (as far as the community can tell) Exotic Hand Cannon. It looks like it will be hidden behind a long, as yet unavailable, quest. That doesn’t stop people from searching every inch of the game though, and it looks like someone has found Callum’s Grave.

Who Is Callum?

Callum appears to have been a Guardian that was friends with the Drifter. He was a member of the Shadows of Yor, the group who built the Thorn. Malfeasance itself seems to have been designed as a kind of ode to Thorn, so I’m sure it won’t cause any salt in PvP when we finally get it. Callum was killed as a result of his own rage. After a heated argument with his ghost, during which Callum destroyed it, Callum was attacked by an opportunistic enemy that he had been hunting. Seizing the moment, and taken advantage of Callum’s foolishness, Shin Malphur shot him with a Golden Gun.

Initially, people thought you had to unlock the Malfeasance by playing Gambit. Now it seems that the Drifter will, in fact, be involved, but we don’t know if the quest is hidden behind the game mode, or if it just involves both Gambit and the Drifter in places.

How To Get To Callum’s Grave

Briefly after defeating the two Ogres and stepping back into the Ascendant Plane, this is where the video below starts.

As stated earlier, some industrious Guardians have tracked down Callum’s grave. A Redditor by the name of MercuryRains, and his merry band of Guardians uploaded a video showing the route they took to find the grave. I don’t know how long they spent jumping around the level to find it, but my hat is off to them!

How to Find Callum’s Grave for the Malfeasance Quest
Posing next to Callum’s GraveTL;DR Games • Fair Use

That’s it for now Guardian! Well done again to the Guardians who tracked this one down! If you need help with other aspects of Destiny 2, be sure to check out our GUIDE HUB.