How to find CIX’s Mural in Forza Horizon 5

Look closely.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Throughout the Baja California area portrayed in Forza Horizon 5, players will find many murals created by various art creators that call Mexico home. One of those murals is CIX’s Mural, a very bright and colorful painting that has been placed on a building. This mural, much like others that are in Mexico, will need to be located in Forza Horizon 5 to complete an Accolade challenge in the campaign. How can you find CIX’s Mural? Let’s take a look.

To find CIX’s Mural, you will need to drive through the jungle and go to the southern part of the map.

The mural can be found in the San Sebastian region, and the exact location can be seen down below, right where the triangle cursor is placed.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The mural is placed right in a small village in San Sebastian, and the painting is right at the entry point of the town. It’s actually very hard to miss this mural unless you are not looking.

To complete the Accolade related to CIX’s Mural, all you will have to do is drive up toward it. That’s all it takes to complete the mission and find a mural that’s a bit out of the way in Forza Horizon 5.