How to find clean water in Grounded

Drink it up.

Borderlands 3

While the food in Grounded is essential to keep your character alive, you also need to find safe water to drink. Water is another vital resource to make sure you manage for your character to survive in the game, and locating a decent amount of it can take a little bit of time. You don’t want to waste time trying to find it because, without any water, your character doesn’t have too much hope of surviving for long.

Most of the small puddles of water you find around your area when first play Grounded are foul. These are not clean resources. After trying them, your character will have a sickly green coloration around the skin, and they make sickening noises about what they just drank. What you want to look for are the small droplets underneath plants and dried leaves. The droplets are small, round circles of clear water. When you approach it slurp it up, you should see a drinking glass in front of your character, rather than the ominous question mark for the other watering holes. You can also knock these down from the top of grass stalks. Look for them resting at the tip of grass, and hit them once with a pebblet ax to watch them fall for you to drink up.

If you discover a water droplet and don’t require water at that time, it’s ideal to make a canteen. You need three grub hides and two woven fiber to create it. Once you have it, it carries up to two scoops of water for your character to drink whenever they become thirsty.