Where to find Fever Blossom in Fallout 76

Best used for tea.

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The wastelands of Fallout 76 are filled with items for you to find and vegetation for you to collect. Often, the ingredients you find out in the wilderness of Appalachia will help you create powerful concoctions to increase your stats. There are also plenty of times when you will need to collect these items for events and seasonal bonuses. Fever Blossoms are usually used for teas but are also needed during the Spread the Love event. This guide will show you where to find Fever Blossoms in Fallout 76.

Fever Blossom locations in Fallout 76

Fever Blossoms are one of the numerous types of vegetation that you can find throughout the wasteland that is Appalachia. You will want to collect this flower to make teas to increase your character’s AP and replenish their health slightly. Teas made with this flower are also good at replenishing your character’s hydration. You will also need this flower during the Spread the Love event that happens around Valentine’s day.

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There are a decent number of areas in the game where Fever Blossom spawns, but other players often take it, so you may need to server-hop or use a private server if you are a Fallout 1st member. Check the following areas for Fever Blossom:

  • Whitespring Resort – Over twenty Fever Blossom can be found on the far western edge of the area.
  • Scavenger Trader – A few can be sold by the merchant when they appear in your camp.
  • Vault 94 – A few plants can be found in the atrium of the vault.
  • Point Pleasant – One flower can be found growing in the southeastern part of the area behind the graves near the church.

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If you are collecting the Fever Blossom for the Spread the Love event, you will want to make sure to collect 15 of them. This can only be done in the area near Whitespring Resort, so you will need to resort to switching servers if someone else takes them. Remember to equip the Green Thumb perk when harvesting flora to have a chance at collecting more of it.