How to find Vintage Alcohol in Fallout 76

A new kind of brew.

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There are a lot of items scattered about the wasteland of Fallout 76 that will help you survive in Appalachia. While you can use plenty of drinks to increase your stats, none are as great as alcohol. Depending on the type you drink, you can find yourself with strength and damage resistance increases that will keep you going in the most difficult of environments. You may also complete a challenge. This guide will show you how to find Vintage Alcohol in Fallout 76.

How to make Vintage Alcohol in Fallout 76

A while back, Vintage Alcohol was added to Fallout 76 alongside the Nukashine update. This update allowed you to craft your own alcohol at your camp provided you completed the quest to obtain the Brewing Station. Unfortunately, finding Vintage Alcohol, while possible, is very rare in Fallout 76 and is typically found on enemies or given as a reward for completing events or missions. Because of this, it is much easier to make your own alcohol.

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There are multiple types of alcohol that you can craft and then turn into their vintage variant. Start by crafting any of the following alcohols:

Each of these recipes requires different materials so make sure that you collect whatever is necessary to make them. Most of the recipes require the use of Razorgrain and Boiled Water which are two items that are very easy to obtain. The type of alcohol you make will end up being fermentable.

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Take your fermentable alcohol and place it in your Fermenter. This is another camp item that you will have received from the Nukashine quest. Once the fermentable alcohol is in the Fermenter, you will see a yellow bar appear next to it. Leave the alcohol in the fermenter for around a half hour and it will turn to regular alcohol. To make it vintage, keep the alcohol in the fermenter for another hour and it will automatically turn into its vintage variant.