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How to Find Vintage Alcohol in Fallout 76

Fallout 76 is full of useful items for Vault Dwellers to use to prolong their survival. One such item is the hard-to-find Vintage Alcohol.

There are dozens of items for players to find to help keep their Vault Dwellers going in the face of constant danger in Fallout 76’s Appalachian Wasteland. Drinks are a fantastic way to boost stats and improve survivability, and nothing beats alcohol.

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Depending on the type of alcohol a Vault Dweller consumes, they might gain improved strength, damage resistance, and much more to help battle any potential threats. Alcohol can also be linked to challenges, allowing players to earn some much-needed Caps. This guide explains where to find the best alcohol, Vintage Alcohol, in Fallout 76 so every player can benefit from it.


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Where to Find Vintage Alcohol in Fallout 76

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While Vintage Alcohol can be found around Appalachia in Fallout 76, there are no reliable spawn points. It’s a resource most players stumble upon by chance because of how rare and unexpected it is. If a player finds any, they should hold onto it until they really need it. The only reliable way to get the item is by crafting it using a Brewing Station and Fermenter.

How to Make Vintage Alcohol in Fallout 76

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To make Vintage Alcohol, players need to build a Brewing Station and craft fermentable alcohol such as Nukashine, Whiskey, Gin, Tequila, or Lead Champagne using Razorgrain. Then, they need to leave the alcohol in a Fermenter for a couple of hours for it to become Vintage Alcohol. Alcohol was added to Fallout 76 with the Nukashine update, bringing all of these new items and facilities to player Camps.

Once players have a Bewing Station and Fermenter in their Camp, there are loads of alcohols they can craft. The key to making Vintage Alcohol is taking the basic alcohol they can craft and putting it through the Fermenter. It’ll need to sit in the device for over an hour before it becomes Vintage Alcohol, but players can set it up and go off exploring or completing missions in the meantime, returning to find their goods ready to be consumed. We’ve listed the easiest fermentable alcohol players can craft below.

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The core ingredients for each of these alcohols are Razorgrain and Boiled Water, which players can find in abundance in the starting area of Fallout 76.

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