Where to Find Blasters & How to Get Blast Cores in LEGO Fortnite

Blasters are a unique creature you can find in LEGO Fortnite that drop Blast Cores, and this guide shows you where to find them.

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You will find several creatures while exploring LEGO Fortnite, and these enemies have the chance to drop helpful resources that you can use back at your village. The Blaster is one of these monsters that you can find, and it has a good chance to drop Blast Cores from it.

Blast Cores are a resource you’ll need to find as you progress through your LEGO Fortnite world, and you’ll want to make sure you’re ready to seek them out. You’ll need several pieces of equipment to protect yourself, and Blasters have a chance to appear in a specific location. Here’s what you need to know about where to find Blast Cores and Blasters in LEGO Fortnite.

How to Find Blasters in LEGO Fortnite

Where to find Blasters in LEGO Fortnite
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Blasters will appear in the lava caves inside the Drylands, the desert biome in LEGO Fortnite. These caves are exclusively found in the desert and require a large amount of heat resistance to survive within them. Lava Caves pose significant danger due to scorching desert heat and the presence of aggressive skeletons who hurl dynamite at you, so be on your guard.

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I was able to find a Blaster while exploring the lava caves, and they are not easy to deal with. On top of double-checking to make sure you have enough heat resistance to protect yourself from the harsh elements of this environment, the Blaster is exceptionally aggressive. Like the Sand Roller and the Roller that you can also find in your LEGO Fortnite world, the Blaster will have multiple attacks that it can use against you. However, the trick to getting a Blast Core is to make sure that you defeat one before it explodes.

Where to Get Blast Cores in LEGO Fortnite

You can get Blast Cores by beating Blasters. Just like Rollers, Blasters stay hidden underground until you get close. Spot them by looking for those twitching black rocky mounds with glowing embers on top.

A Blaster will attempt to explode in LEGO Fortnite close to when you’ve defeated it. If the creature explodes, it blows up, preventing you from getting the Blast Core. You’ll then be forced to try and find another one in the lava caves, increasing the difficulty of your adventure. If you’re on a timer because of the heat resistance food, it’s a good idea to take them out before they go anywhere.

You’ll want to be careful when attempting to extract this material from the creature. Not only do they blow up, but many of the enemies around them are also capable of using explosives, and they’re pretty tough to defeat. I would recommend going in with some decent armor, weapons, and plenty of ammunition for crossbows if you want to keep your distance from these creatures.

How to Beat Blasters in LEGO Fortnite

The attack patterns of Beat Blasters are similar to other enemies, including rolling, projectile throwing, and general nuisance behavior. The Blasters on LEGO Fortnite add a new challenge as they can explode, posing a threat to you. Quickly defeat them or stay out of the blast zone, utilizing ranged weapons or relying on your Explorer NPC. Interestingly, like Rollers, Blasters are attracted to Bones. Drop a Bone nearby to distract them, providing a chance for a strategic attack.