How to find mushrooms in Mr. Prepper

Take a trip to get The Herbalist the ingredients she needs,

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One of the first friendly NPCs you meet in Mr. Prepper is The Herbalist. Upon your initial meeting, she’ll ask you to save her house from a roving wolfpack. After you take care of that for her, she’ll then task you with bringing her some mushrooms so that she can start creating cocktails that will help cure your sleep issues. Considering that sleep is one of the many things you need to monitor to stay alive, getting her help is paramount in the early goings.

Where to get mushrooms

As you might expect, mushrooms in Mr. Prepper grow in dark areas. That means you need to go down to the mines to find them. Of course, it can’t be too simple. You won’t find mushrooms on the first level of the mine. Instead, you need to both fix the elevator and find a keycard to move to the mine’s second level.

Fixing the elevator is as simple as bringing some extra metal along with you. If you don’t have any on you, remember that you can easily trade for it at the mailbox outside of your home base. Once the elevator is up-and-running, it’s time to find that keycard.

Finding the keycard

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The keycard for the second level is at the bottom of the entrance area. As you work the elevator down, pay attention to the mine and plan out your route carefully. Also, make sure you bring your trusty baseball bat with you, as the mine is infested with bats.

Once you’ve found the keycard, it’s time to head to the second level. There, you’ll be met with all kinds of new opportunities. However, the important thing for us right now is that you can see glowing mushrooms on the mine’s floor. Be careful to stay away from the roaming packs of bats and pick up as many mushrooms as you need.

Then, head back to The Herbalist for your prize. Unfortunately, she isn’t quite ready to give her new concoctions just yet, but if you follow our forest guide, you’ll be well on your way to getting there in due time.