How to find the clues for The Billhook in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

A game of cat and mouse.

In your quest to wipe out the Order of the Ancients in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, you are going to have to find a lot of clues to figure out who the members are. The Billhook, for example, will require you to find two clues around the map in order to reveal their identity to you. If you are looking to cross this member’s name off of your list, then we can help you find out where, and how, you can get your hands on these clues.

Finding the first clue

The first clue for The Billhook can be found by taking out another member of the Order: The Vellum. Once they are assassinated, the clue will be in your possession.

Finding the second clue

The first clue will tell you to head to Aelfgarstun farm, which can be found to the northwest of Lincoln in Lincolnscire. The name should be right there on the map for you, so it won’t be too difficult to find.

In the southernmost house, you will find the clue on a barrel, next to a door. Grab it and you will reveal The Billhook’s identity to be Havelok, who can be found in Lincoln, near the town’s town hall.