How to find the Cyrtarachne’s Facade exotic helmet in Destiny 2

Show your flexibility with the Cyrtarachne’s Facade.

The Cyrtarachne’s Facade is an exotic helmet you can find in Destiny 2. It’s one you can encounter for the Lightfall expansion, which means you’ll need access to this campaign if you want to earn it. If you do not have this expansion on your profile, make sure to grab it before you go looking for this exotic armor. It’s easy to track down but difficult to acquire. Here’s what you need to know about how to find the Cyrtarachne’s Facade exotic helmet in Destiny 2.

Where to find the Cyrtarachne’s Facade exotic helmet in Destiny 2

When tracking down this item, the only way to find it is by completing the Lightfall campaign. You need to make sure you complete the Lightfall campaign on the Beyond Legend difficulty, which is essentially the Legendary difficulty for this story. It will be significantly harder for you to complete compared to the standard entry, and we do recommend you go through it with several friends whom you can communicate with and coordinate a plan when it comes to tackling the tougher encounters you’ll be faced with.

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You will need to play the Lightfall Beyond Legend campaign while on your Hunter. The Cyrtarachne’s Facade exotic armor is a Hunter item. Each of the classes in Destiny 2 has a specific exotic they’ll earn for completing the campaign on the more challenging difficulty.

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The Cyrtarachne’s Facade helmet comes with a unique perk called Acrobat’s Focus. Whenever you gain Woven Mail by activating a Grapple, specifically with the Strand subclass, your Guardian has increased flinch resistance while Woven Mail is activated. This is an extremely specific item, so it might work with only a handful of builds in Destiny 2.