How to find the K1 Revelation Lost Sector location in Destiny 2

Ghosts on the Moon.

Image via Bungie

There are multiple Lost Sectors for you to find and investigate in Destiny 2. When you visit the Moon, these locations contain multiple enemies for you to fight through with a chest awaiting the end of each one, but you need to defeat the boss before you can find them. The K1 Revelation lost sector is one you will need to find, and it will be on the Moon. Here’s where you need to go to find the K1 Revelation lost sector in Destiny 2.

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K1 Revelation Lost Sector location

You will find this Lost Sector in the northwest part of the map, close to the very top. It will be in the middle of Sorrow’s Harbor, one of the final areas you can visit when you initially arrive on the Moon. You will want to visit this Lost Sector every so often for multiple activities, and you can expect to see it every so often, especially if you are keen to work your way through any quests for Eris or you quickly want to take out any enemies working their way through these caves.

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You will need to visit this location for multiple quests. For the Season of the Haunted’s main story quest, Bound in Sorrow, Eris will ask you to visit this location to purge it of Calus’ influence. While the Derelict Leviathan operates above the Moon, it will attempt to communicate with the Nightmares at this location. You will need to sever this connection to ensure Calus can not add it to his power.