How to find the Raft in Sons of the Forest

Watch out for the sharks.

Image via Endnight Games

Most of your time in Sons of the Forest will be spent exploring different parts of the titular forest. During the process, you will discover multiple caves, bunkers, camps, and other landmarks. However, not everything can be found easily, and the Raft happens to be one of them. Below, we’ll help you find the Raft in Sons of the Forest.

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How to get to the Raft in Sons of the Forest

The Raft is located on the western side of the map, meaning that you’re in for a long journey. Depending on where you start from the map, you can run into ruthless cannibals who will take you down before you can even reach the Raft. Therefore, make sure to gather essential items, such as food and weapons, before starting your journey. Once done, you need to make your way to the western coast. From there, when you look toward the ocean, you’ll see a small orange floating Raft.

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Now, while you won’t have to worry about cannibals or mutants in the water, there will be Sharks. These Sharks will start attacking you the moment you get near the Raft, so it’s important to get your health bar full before swimming. This is because a single hit from the Shark can deplete a huge chunk of your health.

Once you’ve ensured your health bar is completely full, swim to the Raft and enter it. On it, you will find a bunch of gear, including the Pistol. This is one of the best weapons to use in the game, as it lets you take down cannibals in a single headshot. You can also upgrade it using attachments such as the Rail and Laser Sight. Make sure to pick up the GPS locator from the corpse as well. This can be used to mark important spots on the map.