How to find the Vex Strike Force public event in Destiny 2

A troubling public event.

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Multiple public events appear throughout the planets and locations in Destiny 2, and the Vex Strike Force is a bit harder to find. There’s a rare chance for it to appear in an instance, and if this does, we highly recommend going out of your way to track it down. Should you and your fireteam defeat the Vex Strike Force, a guaranteed exotic drop will occur. Here’s what you need to know about how to find the Vex Strike Force public event in Destiny 2.

Where do you get the Vex Strike Force in Destiny 2?

From what players can tell, the Vex Strike Force will randomly appear somewhere on the map in the Vex Incursion Zone. This appears on Neomuna, on Neptune. You can now down that location by looking for the Vex Incursion Zone symbol and visiting that area. You’ll need to scour this area and wait for the Vex Strike Force to appear, which is a random spawn in this area. You won’t always get it; waiting for it might take time. We recommend completing other activities and patrols, rotating through anything else to occupy your time.

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The activity works because six powerful Hydras will spawn in this area, and you’ll need to defeat them before time runs out. You could be waiting a good amount of time, as some players have shared that it has taken them three to four hours to wait in this area before it spawns. The exact rotation is not understood, but when it does happen, you’ll need to jump at the chance to take this event down and score your Exotic Gear that will drop from completing it.