Best locations to find Razorgrain in Fallout 76

A basic ingredient.

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There are plenty of ingredients and crafting materials to search for in the wastelands of Appalachia in Fallout 76. You can find food items like corn, carrots, and even Razorgrain. This wheat substitute in the game is used for various recipes, mainly ones involving alcohol. Like other ingredients, Razorgrain grows in specific spots, and it is best to know where they are if you wish to farm it. Here are the best locations to find Razorgrain in Fallout 76.

Where to find Razorgrain in Fallout 76 | Razorgrain locations

There aren’t a ton of different areas where you will end up finding large amounts of Razorgrain. Razorgrain can appear in the wild, but it is pretty unlikely. To start your journey of where to find Razorgrain, you should start by visiting the area to the southwest of Big Al’s Tattoo Parlor in Morgantown. In this location, you will find a large field that has a ton of Razorgrain for you to harvest. You will be able to find the area easily, thanks to the barn that is nearby.

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After searching the field, make your way to Billings Homestead. This is, by far, the area with the most Razorgrain in the game. Billings Homestead is on the western part of the map and can be found to the south of Silva Homestead and to the North of Kanawha County Cemetery. There are over 50 Razorgrain plants in this area for you to harvest.

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Outside of searching the various locations for Razorgrain, you can also grow it at your camp if you have a location with enough dirt. Growing Razorgrain requires one Razorgrain and one Fertilizer. These plants will continuously give you Razorgrain as time passes, making them a great way to obtain the ingredient.