How to finish the Pendulum quest step in Destiny 2

Time for a new trace rifle.

Destiny 2

Pendulum is one of the quest steps in Destiny 2’s Growth quest. Completing the quest will get you the Ruinous Effigy Exotic Trace Rifle, a new Exotic introduced to the game during the Season of Arrivals. The Pendulum step is the longest, most drawn out step, and requires visits to four different planets that will all be leaving the game at the end of the season. The Darkness Pyramid ships have arrived at each planet, and things are not looking good. It’s time to milk these areas for one last content drop before the care consigned to Destiny 2’s vault. 

The Pendulum step is broken up into two parts. For the first part, you need to collect 25 Calcified Light Fragments on Io, Titan, Mars, and Mercury. There are five on each planet, except Io, which has 10, and your Ghost will show you where to go if you just hold it. We have a full guide on where to find each one, featuring a map showing all their locations, and videos showing you exactly how to get to each one from the closest spawn point.

You also need to track down 15 Savathun’s Marionettes on Io and Titan. To find these, search in areas that do not have a Contact public event, but you can normally run into at least one during the Contact event if you want to find them that way. You should be able to find some Blights, and when you destroy them, Taken bosses will spawn. Kill them, then a Champion will spawn. This is the Marionette. Although they look a lot like standard Champions, you should be able to see “Marionette” in their name. Just search in areas with no Contact event, on either Io or Titan, and you should run into them fairly regularly.