How to fix the Destiny 2 “Servers are at capacity” error

It’s a waiting game.

Image via Bungie

Server launch days for any game can mean you’ll find yourself waiting in a queue, trying to get into the game and check out the new content. Unfortunately, everyone else will also be trying to jump into the game, and for Destiny 2, the servers will take a beating when an expansion drops. As a result, a frequent error you’ll encounter is that the Servers are at Capacity if you try to jump into the game. This guide covers how to fix Destiny 2’s “Servers are at Capacity” error and what it means when you’re trying to play the game.

Why are the Destiny 2 servers at Capacity?

When you’re loading into Destiny 2, and this error notification meets you, there’s little you can do. Unfortunately, it means the servers are at capacity, and trying to get into the game will be a challenge. So the best recommendation is to wait on the loading screen and hope you can jump into the game with your Guardian. This also happens around significant seasonal events, which can occur roughly six to eight weeks following the start of a Destiny 2 season.

It’s entirely a waiting game. Thankfully, seeing this error notification does not mean you have any problems on your side or you’ll need to verify any Destiny 2 files. When the Servers are at Capacity, you can bet players are trying to jump into Destiny 2 and are hungry to advance in their quests. We can expect to see this quite a bit whenever an expansion launches in the game, or a significant update drops, so don’t be surprised if you’re stuck waiting several hours before joining your Fireteam.

We recommend you continue to try and push through, updating your Destiny 2 client until you can get into the game. This might take up to a half-an-hour or an hour before you can get into the game.