How to fix the Socket Open Error on the Epic Games Launcher and Store

You might not be able to access Fortnite.

Image via Epic Games

If you’re using the Epic Games Launcher or trying to access the store, there’s a chance you might encounter the Socket Open error. The Socket Open error prevents you from logging into the launcher and accessing your games or browsing the store. In this guide, we’ll detail how to fix the Socket Open error on the Epic Games Launcher and the launcher’s storefront.

What to do about the Socket Open error for Epic Games Launcher and Fortnite

The first thing you want to do when encountering this error is to double-check the Epic Games server status. The Epic Games store might be having some issues, and the servers could be struggling, preventing anyone from jumping onto the platform. The Epic Games Store has its server status shared on Epic’s official website. You’ll want to check to see any major outages on those pages, especially if you’re trying to play Fortnite.

When the servers are down, the best thing for you to do is step away from the Epic Games store page and try to do something else. There are other platforms you can play games, but you won’t be able to jump into Fortnite or any Epic Games Store service you use. Any login or game services issues are entirely on the Epic Games side, and you will need to wait until the team has resolved these issues.

Alternatively, if the servers look healthy, you may want to power down your firewall and try accessing the launcher. The Socket Open error might be occurring because of this. It doesn’t hurt to power down your router, wait for it to reboot and restart your computer before trying again.