How to Fly Helicopter in GTA V Without Wobbling and Keeping it Straight

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Flying a helicopter in GTA V without any wobbling seems to be one of the difficult task for players. Many players are complaining that GTA V helicopter controls are more sensitive than GTA IV’s helicopter controls.

GTA VWe have listed below few tips on how to fly helicopters in GTA V without any wobbling and keeping it going straight.

Tip 1:

  • Hold R1+L1/(right rudder button + left rudder button) when flying a helicopter to stop it wobbling/keep it going straight

Tip 2:

  • Try to keep that little white dot in the center of the screen. That’s basically the way to keep it steady

Tip 3:

  • Try the helicopter speed run in flight school, that part where you have to fly through the holes in the bridge structure makes me get out of my seat.