How to gain more Hype Points in Fortnite Arena Mode

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Fortnite Arena

Arena Mode is arguably the most popular section of Fortnite‘s matchmaking in 2020. Even if you’re not the most competitive person, there’s still enjoyment in playing against players of similar skill and earning better ranks. However, many struggles with reaching that next rank due to not earning enough Hype Points.

How Hype Points work in Fortnite

Hype Points are the currency of Arena Mode in Fortnite. Almost every action you take in a match of Arena positively or negatively affects your Hype score. You can tell how many points you’ve lost or gained by looking at the bottom of your screen in a match.

Essentially, the better you do in a match of Arena, the more Hype Points you acquire. Placing well and getting kills are the two avenues in which Hype is earned. So, if you’re looking to rise up the divisions quickly, you should develop a strategy for how you want to play each Arena match.

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If you want to earn more Hype, your best strategy is to simply stay alive. Once you reach the top 25, you start earning Hype Points for placement. This is especially important since, in most divisions, you have to pay a Bus Fare. This means you start with a negative amount of Hype for merely joining the match.

Of course, landing in a safe location means you’ll most likely live longer. It also means you have a higher chance of securing a good set of weapons and a healthy amount of shields and meds. Once you have enough, you can begin to maneuver yourself on the safe zone’s outer edge since most of the fighting is in the middle of the circle.

If you’re an aggressive player, you can certainly still go for kills. However, playing a little more passive will yield a higher probability of retaining your Hype Points. You want to attempt to break even with your Hype in every match, so you’re not moving backward in the division.

Earning more Hype Points in Fortnite is all about making smart decisions. If you can find a balance between going after kills and staying alive for a long time, you’ll find yourself earning more Hype Points and progressing faster in the divisions.