How to gas up your car in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3

Fill her up!


Fortnite now has multiple vehicles that you can drive around, from cars to pick-ups to massive trucks. Just like in the real world, cars don’t run on hopes and dreams, and you will need to find some gas if you want to keep driving around the map. There are two ways to gas up your car, and it can be a little tricky to figure out at first.

Gas Pumps

The main way is at gas pumps, at one of the many Gas Stations that are located all over the map. Carefully drive your vehicle and park beside a gas pump. If you crash into it, it will explode, so be very careful. Face the gas pump, hit the prompted interaction button, grab the handle, then face your car, and hit the trigger you normally use to fire your weapon. 

The gas will start to spew out of the pipe, and once you are close enough to the car, it will begin to fill it up. You will see a percentage meter going up when it is working. When the car is full, just jump back in and be on your way. If you walk too far from a pump while holding the handle, it will just reset, so make sure you park close enough to the pump to refill your car.

Gas Canisters

You can also find red gas canisters all over the map. These can be stored in your inventory if you pick them up and allow you to gas up a car wherever you are, making them perfect for going off-road in the game. Make sure you have at least one in your inventory if you plan on driving an awkward route around the map, as you might not end up near to a gas station and run out of fuel.