How to gather Laid Eggs in Fortnite

Don’t think about which came first, just grab them.


Image via Epic Games

With each new Season in Fortnite, we’re treated to a fun event. Whether that’s a custom event with unique enemies, or something more seasonal, there’s always something interesting going on. One event that occurs each year is the Easter Event, which comes with a slew of new quests for players to complete. This guide explains how to gather Laid Eggs, an activity Fortnite players should get familiar with.

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How to get Laid Eggs in Fortnite

Screenshot by Gamepur

Laid Eggs are pretty easy to come by during Fortnite’s Easter Events. They’re colored eggs that occupy areas of the map that you’ll be used to seeing chickens in. If you’re anything like us, you actively avoid these creatures because they almost always attack you. Now though, you need to seek them out.

Screenshot by Gamepur

A reliable spot for gathering Laid Eggs in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 is the spot of ground just outside of The Citadel location. There are two chickens here that have 6 Laid Eggs between them, meaning you can quickly tick off any quests you have associated with these items. See above for a map reference for this location we’ve identified.

There are more locations with Laid Eggs around the map. However, we’d recommend dropping into the map at this point, gathering all the Laid Eggs, and playing the match as you normally would. If you find more Laid Eggs, that’s great. If not, you can hop into a new match and go back for these Laid Eggs.

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Every type of Laid Egg in Fortnite explained

Below, we’ve listed all the Laid Eggs you can come across in Fortnite and what they do. While their value comes from quest completions, you can get other benefits from seeking them out in every match.

  • Heal Eggs: These are the green eggs you can see on the ground. They’ll slowly restore health and shields if consumed.
  • Hop Eggs: These are the blue eggs you’ll encounter, and they can provide health and temporarily lower gravity for you.
  • Golden Eggs: These are the only eggs you can’t consume. If you interact with them, you’ll get some Gold Bars, which is better in some ways. These eggs can’t be added to your inventory, so interact with every one you see.