How to get a basketball MVP award in BitLife

How great are you?

Image via Candywriter

There are a handful of awards and prizes given to some of the better players of a team in BitLife for all of the professional sports teams. If your character is a basketball player, there’s a chance they could win an MVP award, recognizing them as one of the better players on the team. If you’re trying to complete the Mamba challenge in BitLife, this is one of the tasks for that challenge. This guide details how to get a basketball MVP award.

The chance for the basketball MVP award is random, but how you get it is pretty clear. First, you need to increase your character’s greatness. You can view your character’s greatness stat by visiting the ‘occupation’ tab, and then right underneath your character’s professional athlete title will be their level of greatness.

This should be going up each year that your character participates and works on their professional athlete career. It should go up as they improve their skills, work on teams that have a higher ranking against the other teams, and win competitions. The better performance your character has on the court, the more greatness they’re going to receive.

You want to increase your character’s greatness bar to at least 90%. When it reaches 90%, there’s a random chance an MVP award will be given to your character when you age up. You can try to force this result by clicking on the age up option, not accepting the random notification that appears, and closing down BitLife. You can then refresh the game to see if the choice becomes available.