How to get a divorce in BitLife

It’s over.

Image via Candywriter

Ending a marriage is always a difficult choice, but in BitLife, you might need to complete a challenge or make your character’s life better in the game. Unlike real life, it’s much easier to go through a divorce in the mobile game, and it can sometimes cost far less in lawyers if you play your cards right. This guide breaks down how to get a divorce in BitLife.

When you marry someone in BitLife, in the relationships menu, rather than the option to break up with them, you’ll have the option to divorce them. It’ll be the same process of breaking up with them, with their relationship with you going immensely down and the two of you part ways. All you have to do is click this button, and the two of you will no longer be married. Normally, your character’s happiness goes down with this, too.

However, if you and your significant other do not sign a prenup, there’s a chance all of your assets will be split down the middle, and you’ll have to pay a certain amount to them. Depending on how your two incomes were, your partner may have insisted on the prenup, or you may want to do it if you have far more assets than them. You can choose to do this right before you get married, but there’s a chance they could refuse to do it if If you’re making a lot more money than them, you’ll want to increase your relationship together, so when the divorce happens, they agree to the prenup.

After clicking on the divorce icon, the two of you will settle things, and your character can freely date and marry another individual in BitLife.