How to get a Glyptodon in Final Fantasy XIV

Your resident Island Sanctuary Armadillo.

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Final Fantasy XIV’s Island Sanctuary feature has proven to be quite popular among fans who just wish to kick back and enjoy the quiet life. Raising animals for crafting materials is a huge part of the Island Sanctuary experience, and Square Enix will add additional creatures to find over time. Some of these animals are notoriously rare to spawn and require specific triggers before they will appear. One such elusive creature is the Glyptodon. Here’s where you can find a Glyptodon on your Island Sanctuary.

How to find a Glyptodon on your Island Sanctuary in FFXIV

The Glyptodon is a stealthy armored mammal that dwells in the northeast coast of your island. Players who wish to tame it do not need to have flying unlocked on their Island Sanctuary before hunting this beast.

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The Glyptodon is found at (X:31, Y:11). However, it will not always be at this location. In order for it to spawn, your must visit your Island Sanctuary between the time period of 12:00 AM and 3:00 AM Eorzea time. Eorzea time is the game world’s clock. The Glyptodon is considered a medium beast and can only be captured with a Makeshift Restraint.

This is a fairly small window to catch this creature, and getting there in time is not always easy. To help with this, players utilize outside websites that monitor the Island Sanctuary’s upcoming weather and give a heads up on when the beast will spawn.

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The Glyptodon will provide players with Claws and a rare chance at a Carapace when collecting from it at the pasture. Feeding it Premium Island Greenfeed once a day will give it a much higher chance to provide a Carapace. These items are useful in crafting at the workshop.