How to get a horse in BitLife

My lovely horse.

Image via Candywriter

There are multiple ways you can live out a life in BitLife, all from your phone. For those with a more exotic taste for excitement and adventure, you can purchase a horse to take care of and add them to your little family. These creatures are not inexpensive, and you’ll need to have a large property to take care of them.

The big factor about owning a horse is the type of property you have to purchase to contain them. It’s called an Equestrian Property. It will have the name ‘Equestrian’ in the title, so you know it’s the one you want to purchase. These properties cost anywhere from $6 to $10 million dollars, so you’ll have to plenty of money saved up to purchase them. When you do, the option the buy a horse becomes available.

The horses are sold by an exotic pet dealer. These ones are a little expensive, but nothing compared to the Equestrian Property you’ve just purchased to access the horses.

If you’re worried about money, there are plenty of careers to consider. You can become a professional athlete, a doctor, a lawyer, or even a political figure. These jobs make enough income to support a horse and everything that you need to support this lifestyle.