How to get a horse in BitLife

My lovely horse.


Image via Candywriter LLC

BitLife allows you to live a strange virtual life on your phone. You can live multiple lives in a day, making decisions that impact the course of them. You can go to college or jail, you can be a saint or a sinner. You can even own pets. Hell, you can actually own a horse, if you want to.

Owning horses is not cheap, however, and you will need to be very rich to be able to afford one. The reason for this is that, to own a horse, you need to own a specific type of property.

To get a horse as a pet, you will need to purchase either the Charming Equestrian Property or the Unique Equestrian Property. The Charming one will cost you around $6 million dollars, while the Unique will cost you $7.5 million dollars. It is expensive, so you will need to have lived a very successful life if you want to get a horse.

To purchase the property, head to Assets, then Real Estate Brokers.

As soon as you purchase the property, you will be able to purchase a horse as if it were any other pet. Just head to the Horse Ranch option under Pets, in the Activities tab, and you will be able to choose your horse.

And that’s it, you now own a horse in BitLife. If you are wondering how to earn all the money you will need, some of it is luck, and some of it is the choices you make. Working hard in school and getting a good job helps, or if you are lucky you will be born into a rich family. You can play the lottery to try and win the money, or try and became famous. The fun thing about BitLife is that there are so many different things you can do.